Patient Reviews

“I came to Bright Smile Dental for the first time to get a retainer replaced. The result was great, the cost fair. I felt that each staff member treated me like an individual and each did their part to make sure my visit was efficient & pleasant. Dr. Bui is very nice and works skillfully and in total leadership of her team. All in all, a top-notch office that I will return to!”

“Thank You so Much. I did need the pain med that night and the next day. Now it's fine. I will be back for a cleaning.”
-Joan McCollum, Laguna Beach, CA

“Luv luv luv your staff! Doctor Bui is great, but the girl at the front desk is just wonderful. She really makes us feel good about being there and very welcoming. This was our 2nd appt and I'm so thankful that we found you!!!! Thank you!!”
- Ashley Davis, Huntington Beach, CA

“I completely recommend Bright Smile Dental,Dr Bui is my star dentist ever!!!”
- Pilar Anorve, Santa Ana, CA

“Our entire family is treated by Dr. Bui & her practice. While our family's needs differ greatly, they treat all of us with care, concern, prestiege & patience. I have many dental issues & they take very good care of all my needs. While my needs differ greatly from our youngest child (who visited the Dentist for the first time in this office) and had a wonderful experiencer; therefore has no fear of the dentist because of the care the staff showed. I have and will continue to refer family and friends alike”.
- Kristen Alaniz, Santa Ana, CA

“This place has a great staff. Patty did a great job in covering my gums, lips and tongue. I HAD NO PAIN OR BURNING SENSATION, just the regular sensitivity sensation at the end that everyone would have after the process has ended. Thank you for everything!”
- Anonymous

“I like your services. I will introduce your business to my friends.”
- Anonymous

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