Am I a Candidate for Zoom Teeth Whitening?

Zoom Teeth Whitening Santa Ana, CA

Zoom® teeth whitening provides a non-invasive way to eliminate stains and discoloration that often only requires one visit to a dentist. Your teeth pick up stains and discoloration over time regardless of how well you take care of them. Some of the stains are caused by the coloring agents in the foods and beverages you consume, while habits like smoking cause others. The outer enamel of your teeth also becomes thinner as you age, exposing the yellow-colored dentin.

Improving the color of your teeth with Zoom teeth whitening

Zoom teeth whitening typically involves an in-office procedure and at-home whitening trays the patient takes home with them to maintain their teeth’s new color. It is an effective approach to whitening teeth, and a single session can improve their color by up to eight shades. During the procedure, the dentist uses a peroxide gel and a Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp to speed up the whitening process. The product whitens teeth as the hydrogen peroxide molecules break down, allowing oxygen to penetrate the dentin and remove stains from teeth surfaces and deep within.

Getting cleared for Zoom teeth whitening starts with a dental consultation. The patient’s teeth and gums are evaluated to determine if they are healthy enough for whitening treatments. Dentists typically recommend addressing existing issues like tooth decay and gum disease before proceeding with whitening teeth. People who might not be ideal candidates for Zoom teeth whitening include:

  • Patients with sensitive teeth
  • Pregnant or nursing patients
  • People with extensive decay on their teeth

Once the patient is cleared, the Zoom whitening gel is applied over the patient's teeth, and a Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp is used as a catalyst. The light activates the gel and accelerates the whitening process.

The light is applied for three 15-minute intervals. Afterward, the patient’s teeth are cleaned, and a fluoride gel is applied to their teeth to help reduce sensitivity. The patient’s teeth should be significantly whiter after a single Zoom session.

Maintaining the result of Zoom teeth whitening

Teeth are regularly exposed to things that stain them, like the tannins in food and beverages. That means newly whitened teeth will eventually pick up new stains and discoloration. Fortunately, Zoom whitening treatments come with at-home whitening kits patients can use at home for maintenance whitening treatments.

These products have higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide than most over-the-counter whitening products, which increases their effectiveness. They will not transform the color of the patient’s teeth immediately as an in-office session would, but they are powerful enough to achieve the same type of results over a few weeks.

Other things patients can do to maintain the color of their teeth include:

  • Avoiding tannin-rich foods and beverages like coffee or red wine
  • Using whitening oral hygiene products once or twice per week
  • Sticking to only clear colored foods for the first few days after Zoom whitening

Get whiter teeth

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