Benefits of a Dental Sealant

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Part of your next dentist’s appointment could include a dental sealant. This treatment is often a regular part of children’s dental care. Still, there are reasons why you should consider talking to your dentist about doing it for you. Sealants can be a good way to supplement your oral hygiene and keep your teeth healthy and strong. Your dentist can discuss how this process works and whether you would be the right candidate.

A description of a dental sealant

A sealant is a thin plastic coating that covers the biting surface of a tooth. The dentist or hygienist paints it on the teeth, usually the molars. The coating rapidly bonds with the grooves and depressions of the teeth, creating a protective layer over the enamel. Dentists may recommend that children start this treatment as early as 6. It may continue until the patient reaches their teens. Adults can also get sealants.

Keeping cavities away

A significant reason for getting a dental sealant is that it helps to prevent tooth decay. Though the childhood years are common for getting cavities, adults are not immune. Brushing and flossing are vital habits to fend off these holes in the teeth where decay can form. Sometimes, however, patients need additional help. The sealants will not last forever, but dental studies have shown that they can reduce cavities by more than 85%. This number falls in subsequent years but still cuts down on cavities by almost 60% four years later.

More money in the patient’s pocket

It is no secret that dental care requires a financial commitment. Dental insurance will cover routine checkups and cleanings. However, filling cavities can be burdensome on a patient’s pocketbook. Patients can avoid paying for restorative care by getting a round of dental sealant treatments.

Fewer visits to the dentist’s office

From the time an individual has their first tooth, regular trips to the dentist’s office are vital. Patients should go twice a year for examinations. Spending more time at the office is not usually necessary unless the person has treatment or other needs. Most people would rather only go for checkups and not spend hours getting fillings, root canals, or other care. Each dental sealant improves the patient’s chances of avoiding additional visits to the dentist’s chair.

Additional assistance

Despite a person’s most diligent efforts, problems can arise with the teeth. Some people have a family history working against them. This may make the individual more prone to have oral health problems. A dental sealant can give the person the peace of mind that their hard work will not be in vain. Sealants are an additional protection.

Continue to fight off cavities

You should never stop brushing at least twice a day and flossing your teeth daily. This does not mean you cannot find extra ways to keep cavities away from your teeth. A dental sealant is a good choice for children and adults alike. If you have never had one, or have not in many years, talk to your dentist. You can set up an appointment to get a sealant and enjoy healthy teeth.

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