Can Clear Braces Get Stained?

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When clear braces were initially invented, this was a step toward more aesthetic options. The idea of fixing a smile without the use of metal was a new concept. Metal braces were not as attractive to many people. However, you might be wondering if clear braces can become stained. The answer is that yes, these braces can become yellowed or stained over time.

Why do clear braces stain?

There are extremely tiny pits in the ceramic material that makes up the clear braces. Over time, food particles can become caught in these tiny pits and sit long enough to cause a stain. On the other hand, the elastic ties, which hold the brackets and wire together, often stain. This can be more common depending on what type of beverage or food the patient is eating.

For example, darkly colored items are more likely to stain. Beets, tea, coffee, and wine can make the braces more likely to stain. Plus, smoking is a very common cause of staining. The good news is that with the right cleaning and regular dentist visits, the staining can be prevented.

Having the right diet

It is hard to clean off food debris from the teeth with braces in place. That means it is a good idea to choose foods that are easy to remove. Patients should avoid sticky foods, which can attach to the braces and the teeth. If the patient does eat these foods, it is important to clean the teeth right away.

Acidic and sugary foods and drinks should also be avoided. These can damage the enamel and allow bacteria to grow, causing decay. That can happen even more with braces on. It is good to avoid fruit juice, which often has a lot of acid. Tea, coffee, soda, and sports drinks should also be avoided. However, using a straw can be helpful when drinking these items.

Brushing the teeth often

It is always important to brush the teeth, but it is even more necessary with clear braces. The patient should brush often and do it well. Both the braces and teeth will be cleaned. Plus, the braces and components need to be protected from coming loose or otherwise getting damaged.

The teeth need to be brushed at least twice a day, if not three. The teeth should be cleaned at night to prevent bacteria from building up in the mouth during the night. The mouth should be rinsed in the morning and then the teeth should be brushed. It is also important to choose a small enough toothbrush so that it is easy to clean even the small areas.

Choose clear braces today

Because there is no pigment in clear braces, this option can become stained easily. However, with the right care, you can prevent stains. It is important to visit your dentist regularly both during and after treatment. Making an appointment today is your first step.

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