Can Oral Trauma Cause Sensitive Teeth?

Sensitive Teeth Santa Ana, CA

Trauma to the mouth often results in sensitive teeth. Pain can be debilitating, especially if it is because of a hard impact. Chipping, cracking, and dislodging are the common results of dental trauma. If you want to know the connection between oral trauma and sensitive teeth, here are the details.

When oral trauma happens

Dental trauma is a common event. Sports, falls, accidents, and fights often result in oral trauma. This then causes terrible pain. The tooth or teeth may break bad enough to reach the pulp, down to the jawbone. In other cases, the tooth or teeth may loosen or even fall out. These are all consequences of hard impact.

Treating dental damage from oral trauma is an emergency. The patient must see the dentist right away to end the pain. The dentist will perform a visual check of the patient’s mouth. Then, dental X-rays will confirm the extent of the dental damage.

People who have dental damage end up having sensitive teeth. The entry of a little cold air in the mouth or a slight touch elevates the pain. This needs treatment right away. The procedure will depend on the severity of the damage.

Sensitive teeth from pulp injury

The tooth has a hard exterior and a soft interior. The interior is the pulp, which has the nerves and blood vessels supplying the tooth. The break in a chipped or cracked tooth could be shallow at first, but it could worsen the longer the person waits to see the dentist. The damage could reach the pulp right away. This is what causes sensitive teeth.

The dentist will see the extent of the dental damage through a series of dental X-rays. Treatment will start once the dentist sees the compromised pulp. The dentist will perform an emergency root canal treatment. This therapy will correct the patient’s sensitive teeth.

A root canal therapy will involve cleaning out the damaged or infected pulp. Disinfecting and drying the pulp chamber and root canals will follow. Then, the dentist will fill the chamber and canals with gutta-percha. Placing a dental crown over the treated tooth will come next. This restoration will protect the tooth from further infection and injury.

Sensitive teeth from pulp and jawbone injury

In some cases, the break in the tooth reaches the pulp and then extends to the jawbone. The patient will also have sensitive teeth with this type of injury. The pain could be excruciating, and more inflammation will show. The dentist will have to find out if the damage has reached the jawbone. This will need dental X-rays.

The dentist would need to extract the tooth if the break reached the jawbone. There will be no means to repair the tooth anymore. The dentist will then restore the tooth after the extraction site and jawbone heals. Then, the dentist will perform dental implant surgery to replace the tooth.

Sensitive teeth show the gravity of your dental damage

Oral trauma causes teeth sensitivity because the teeth absorb the force of the trauma. You may experience minimal to terrible pain. The degree of your sensitive teeth will depend on the level of damage. Seeing your dentist right away will determine the quick type of treatment you need.

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