Cosmetic Dentistry Options for Tooth Replacement for Missing Teeth

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There are multiple cosmetic dentistry options for patients who want to replace missing teeth. Every single tooth that is lost affects the appearance of your smile and could put a dent on your self-esteem. That is not all; missing teeth can cause speech impairment, chewing issues and dental misalignment. It is advisable to replace the lost teeth as soon as possible to prevent the repercussions. Thankfully, cosmetic dentistry has a lot to offer. 

Tooth replacement options

Whether only one tooth or several teeth are missing, there are options to restore the smile and oral health. They include:

Dental implants

Implants are probably the most popular tooth replacement methods available in cosmetic dentistry. The restoration looks and feels like a natural tooth. Since implants are permanent restorations, it might be hard to distinguish the teeth apart.

The process of placing implants is extensive. The dentist will replace the roots of the lost tooth with metal screws, which support the tooth prosthetic. There is a waiting period, during which the gums and bone will heal around the implant before the final restoration is linked.

Compared to other tooth replacement options in cosmetic dentistry, implants are one of the most effective. They prevent further bone loss and stop other teeth from moving out of place. An ideal candidate needs to be in good health with a good amount of jawbone volume to support the implants.

Dental bridge

If several teeth are missing consecutively, a dental bridge is an option to consider. Instead of replacing each lost tooth with an implant, the dentist will fix a row of fake teeth and support them with the teeth on either side of the gap or an implant. The prosthetic teeth remain in position and serve as an economical way of replacing multiple missing teeth. Multiple dental appointments are necessary to complete the process.

If the bridge is supported with existing teeth, the supporting teeth will be filed down, and crowns will be placed over them. If properly done, the bridge will appear and feel real. It is a less invasive option compare to dental implant restorations.

Partial and full dentures

Provided as an alternative to dental implants, a removable partial denture provides the same results with less hassle. A partial denture replaces one or two teeth. It has metal clasps to hold the false teeth in their proper place. Removable partial dentures are one of the cheapest cosmetic dentistry options available. They require a minimal amount of dental work because the only modification is the addition of metal clasps.

For those who have lost several or all the teeth on the jaw, the dentist may recommend full dentures. The dentures are created to fit well inside the mouth and restore dental functions.

In conclusion

With all of the cosmetic dentistry options available for replacing lost teeth, patients will always be able to find one that fits their budget and preference. Failure to replace a missing tooth on time could cause problems such as bone loss and shifting teeth. Talk to the general dentist to discuss cosmetic dentistry options to get back a natural and appealing smile.

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