Dental Crown vs Dental Implant

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Patients who are in need of a tooth restoration may be unsure of whether a dental crown or a dental implant is the appropriate procedure. While an implant procedure may involve a crown, the latter can also be placed as a cap on an existing tooth. Both have benefits to patients.

Dental crown vs implant: Which one is the right choice?

The decision on which treatment to choose depends on the condition of the teeth. The following explains both procedures as well as the differences between the two. 

Crown procedure 

A dental crown is a type of restoration that involves the placement of a cap or cover over a tooth. Crowns restore teeth to their normal function and appearance. They are often used for teeth that have cracked or worn down, as well as cavities that are too large to fill. A crown may also be used to cover a discolored or misshapen tooth for aesthetic reasons.

Crowns are often made from a variety of materials; the most common are porcelain, ceramic and composite resin. The procedure is typically done in two office visits. In the initial visit, the dentist prepares the tooth for placement. An impression of the tooth is then made and sent off to a lab for creation. A temporary crown may be placed until the permanent is ready. When the permanent crown comes in, the dentist checks that it fits properly and then cement it in place. 

Advantages of crowns

A dental crown is a simpler procedure and is not as invasive as implants. It is also a faster process, with the crown being complete within a few weeks. They are often a more affordable option for many patients. 

Implant procedure

A dental implant is a restoration that involves artificial tooth roots surgically inserted inside the jawbone with a crown, denture or bridge attached on top. The procedure is broken up into several appointments and usually takes about four to six months to complete.

The implant, typically made of titanium, is intended to fuse with the jawbone and function as a real tooth root would. After the implant has grown together with the bone and stabilized, a connector known as an abutment is placed above the gums on top of the implant and the false teeth are fastened to the abutment. Dental implants are often used to replace one or multiple missing teeth and are an excellent option due to the natural appearance and function of the restoration teeth. 

Advantages of implants

Implants can prevent jawbone loss and enable the regrowth of bone, which keeps teeth from shifting and changing the face's shape. They have the ability to function as real teeth do. Implants are also more durable than crowns and can last for a patient’s lifetime.


Dental crowns and implants are both important procedures used to help restore a patient’s smile. Regardless of which treatment option is most suitable, patients should always receive care as soon as possible when a dental issue arises to prevent complications. 

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