Do Dental Veneers Match the Other Teeth?

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If you are not happy with your teeth, dental veneers might be the right choice to restore your smile. The appearance of your mouth can make a significant first impression. Veneers are an effective way of covering up unwanted blemishes without looking awkward or different from other teeth.

Patients who typically choose dental veneers

Many people who get dental veneers have tried other options in the past. Some patients may choose a short-term solution at first with the idea of getting veneers later. For example, the dentist may repair a small chip with dental cement or a filling. If the repair continues to fail, a veneer could be a preferable choice. Other people get veneers to cover up discolored or misshapen teeth.

Appearance with other teeth

In the past, many dentists used silver or gold amalgam as fillings to repair cavities. Cosmetically, some patients did not enjoy this because the fillings would stand out in their mouth. Dental veneers are not like this. Before undergoing the procedure of getting a veneer, the dentist will take X-rays and make an impression of the patient’s mouth. This information goes to a laboratory where a technician crafts the veneer. This thin sheet of porcelain will have a size, shape and color similar to surrounding natural teeth.


It can be embarrassing to go through life with cosmetic abnormalities in the mouth. Broken teeth or badly stained teeth may hurt a person’s self-esteem. An individual may avoid meeting new people or speaking in public. Smiling is a difficult activity when a person’s teeth need dental attention. Dental veneers will not only correct these issues, but other people will not even detect that the shells are on the front of the individual’s teeth.

An accurate resemblance

Dental veneers will not be an exact match to other teeth in the person’s mouth. However, the dentist will make sure they closely resemble the characteristics of other teeth. Thanks to technological improvements, dentists can use 3-D imaging and computers to make the veneers right in the office. This means the dentist can attach the veneers to the patient’s mouth during the first appointment, so the person will not have to return to the office for a separate visit. Using the computer, the dentist will create veneers out of a ceramic block that meets the patient’s cosmetic needs.

Choosing according to preference

With the patient’s consent, the dentist can choose different color shades for the dental veneers. If the patient has darker or lighter teeth, the dentist can adjust the color accordingly. This will help to ensure that the veneer does not look like an obviously false tooth in the person’s mouth.

You can enjoy the change

It can be exciting to think about changing your appearance with one or two visits to the dentist. A cosmetic dentist near you has the tools and methods to repair unsightly conditions in your mouth. With dental veneers, your smile can give you the attractive look you have been hoping for. Call your dentist today and start the process.

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