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General dentistry care is vital for patients of all ages. There are treatments available for a wide variety of conditions, from minor to severe. Tooth loss is one of the most concerning and embarrassing problems to deal with. If you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth, you understand how challenging and upsetting this can be. The good news is that you should not have to live this way forever. Your dentist can place a bridge in your mouth to close any annoying gaps.

The problems that missing teeth can cause

Losing a permanent tooth can have both health and cosmetic effects. The patient may have low self-esteem. Also, when patients lose a tooth and do not replace it, other teeth can suffer. These teeth may drift and become loose. As a result, more teeth could fall out.

Without teeth, it becomes difficult to chew. People are unable to enjoy certain foods such as meat and other healthy items like some vegetables. Missing teeth can lead to bone loss. This changes the shape of the mouth, affecting speech.

The basics of a dental bridge

In general dentistry, a bridge literally bridges the gap in the mouth that one or more missing teeth have created. To complete a bridge, the dentist will place an artificial tooth, called a pontic, in the space. It is held there by a framework, often made of metal, as well as abutments. The abutment is usually a crown, which goes over the tooth on either side of the gap.

The bridge restores the person’s smile. It is natural-looking, so other people will not notice it. A dental bridge also allows the patient to eat normally. Wearing a bridge keeps other teeth firmly in place as well.

For teeth lost and teeth pulled

Bridges are viable options when a person has lost a permanent tooth. This could have happened in a hard face-first fall or by biting into a hard object. A blow to the face can also knock out a tooth. A bridge can fill in that missing space, helping the person have a full smile again. When a severely decayed tooth is no longer useable, the general dentistry dentist may decide that pulling it out is the right option. A dental bridge could be the solution to replacing the tooth.

Implant-supported bridge

This treatment combines implants and bridges to revive smiles. The general dentistry dentist will place an implant in the space where the tooth once was. It then holds the framework in place. Implant-supported bridges are durable but require a lengthy surgical process. It can take several weeks to get accustomed to them too.

Seek general dentistry care for your missing teeth

It can be emotional and physically challenging to lose a tooth. If you are missing one or more, talk to your dentist. Your dentist may discuss the possibilities of putting in a dental bridge. This can be an effective way of restoring your smile and health. Talk to your dentist to learn whether you are a good candidate.

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