How Sleep Dentistry Therapy Can Improve Overall Health

Sleep Dentistry Santa Ana, CA

Sleep dentistry can improve your dental and general health. Sleep apnea can be obstructive in gaining good sleep and good health. That is why dentists participate in the treatment of this condition. The effects of maintaining good oral health spread to the entire body. If you want to know how sleep dentistry therapy can enhance your general health, here are the details.

Enhanced energy

Good sleep is deep sleep. This is when the body and brain work together to increase metabolism. Waking up after a full eight-hour sleep will result in a refreshed individual. A person without restful sleep will wake up tired and sleepy. This is what happens when the individual suffers from sleep apnea.

Proper airflow is a priority in sleep. This involves getting the right amount of oxygen during nighttime sleeping. Breathing without any obstruction refreshes every cell in the body. This happens during waking hours and more so during sleep. In apnea, the individual cannot get the right amount of air into the body. Poor oxygenation results in pain and low body function.

Sleep dentistry therapy removes the obstruction in the person’s airway. This allows the person to take in full oxygenation during sleep. It removes the blockage with dental appliance therapy. This is an effective solution to snoring and apnea. The individual then experiences proper airflow, which helps energize the entire body for the next day.

Better focus and memory

Apnea causes the body to wake up several times a night because of inadequate sleep breathing. The result is always sleep deprivation. Lack of sleep results in poor concentration. The affected person has difficulty remembering things or following even simple directions.

Restful sleep allows the cells to regenerate and repair. Sleep dentistry helps apnea patients with oral appliance therapy. This treatment allows proper airflow during sleep. The patient could then have a fully functional mind the next day. This will make work, chores, errands, and studies more efficient. That is why a full night’s sleep is an optimal way to prepare for an exam or a presentation.

Effective weight control

Inadequate sleep results from apnea. A sleepy and tired body needs more food. That is why people who lack sleep eat more or feel hungrier. The body thinks it needs to produce and store more energy. The only way it can do this is by increasing food intake. Gaining weight is a natural side effect of insufficient sleep.

Sleep dentistry can help people who want to lose weight. This is possible through dental appliance therapy. The person can wake up with more than enough energy through effective airflow during sleep. The body will then have the ability to do everything without feeling tired or sleepy at all. There is no need to eat more than the person needs to. The person could then achieve the ideal weight.

Sleep dentistry can improve your general health and well-being

Proper sleep can make your body function better each day. It can also help you achieve better health by maintaining your ideal weight. Sleep apnea can deprive you of a healthier body and mind. That is why sleep dentistry is important. Your dentist can use the right therapy to help you achieve better airflow during sleep. This will then help you achieve more optimal health.

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