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More and more people are choosing clear aligner treatment for straighter teeth. It used to be that traditional braces were the only way to fix crooked teeth. Today, aligners are a viable alternative to restoring smiles. If you need more confidence in the way you look, this could be the right solution for you. There are benefits and advantages to this approach that other treatments lack.

Why people want to straighten their teeth

It is not unusual for a dentist to treat patients who have crooked teeth. Other alignment problems are also common. Living with these challenges can be embarrassing for a person and even hinder their self-esteem. Straightening teeth with clear aligner treatment can make a person’s smile look more aesthetically attractive.

There are health benefits as well. When a person has crooked or crowded teeth, tooth decay is more likely. It is difficult to brush such teeth effectively. Flossing can also be problematic, which can lead to gum disease. Crooked teeth can also be painful when the person is chewing.

An overview of how a clear aligner works

Clear aligners such as Invisalign® are plastic mouthpieces that look a lot like teeth-whitening trays. The aligners fit over the teeth and put constant but gentle pressure on them. This causes the teeth to move into the right places. The dentist will make impressions of the patient’s mouth to create a set of aligners. The patient will get a new set every few weeks as the teeth shift.


Clear aligner treatment should not irritate the mouth. The appliance rests over the teeth and will not cause sores in the mouth or rub against the gums. The patient should get used to the appliance after a couple of weeks. Aligners are lightweight and do not include wires or brackets.


Perhaps the biggest appeal to clear aligner treatment is how the appliance looks. Because it is clear, the aligner is virtually invisible. This provides a discreet treatment that other people should not detect. This is a good option for people who feel self-conscious and do not want others to notice.


It is also nice to know that Invisalign aligners are removable. The appliance does not have to remain in the mouth for 24 hours a day. The person should remove the aligners while eating and to clean them. To keep the aligners looking nice and smelling good, the person should rinse them a few times a day.

Treatment length

It can take two to three years for braces to straighten teeth. A clear aligner therapy is usually faster. People typically wear the aligners for 12 to 18 months. Some people may see results in as few as six months.

Get straighter teeth and love your smile

If you are looking for a different way to repair misaligned teeth, try clear aligner treatment. Aligners do not stand out and can straighten teeth faster than other methods. Your dentist can help you decide whether this is the right approach. Visit your dentist today so you can start on the road toward restoring your smile.

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