Reasons to Consider Invisalign for Straightening Your Teen’s Teeth

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Invisalign® is a popular orthodontic treatment involving the use of clear aligners. This is a dental alignment treatment suitable for responsible teens. Going through this age range involves awkwardness, especially when it comes to looks. Teens need support in this area. Metal braces will not be a good choice. If you want to know why you should consider Invisalign for your teen’s dental alignment, here are the reasons.

It is as effective as traditional braces

This teeth-straightening system can also correct misaligned teeth. The dentist can use these clear aligners to also target mild bite problems. This makes Invisalign as effective as traditional orthodontics. The dentist can determine if a teen’s dental problem qualifies for clear aligner treatment.

It can enhance a teen’s self-image

Teens find it difficult to fit in even without orthodontics. Finding out their need for a teeth-straightening treatment will be more difficult to deal with. Traditional orthodontics involves wearing bulky and visible metal braces. The teens of decades ago had no choice but to resort to these braces. The teens of today have a better option.

The last thing a teenager needs is unwanted attention from wearing metal brackets. Invisalign offers clear aligners capable of straightening teeth without visible brackets. These clear aligners can do the job without causing more self-image problems in teens. The aligners are almost invisible. They help teens feel more comfortable and prouder of the new look.

It does not limit the teen’s diet

Metal braces are obstructive when it comes to eating. Food particles tend to trap themselves among brackets and wires. Plaque also thrives on the surfaces of the brackets and teeth. Biting into food or eating hard foods can also dislodge the brackets. That is why most orthodontic patients with traditional brackets use knives and forks, even when eating burgers.

Invisalign does not limit a teen’s diet at all. Removing the aligners while eating is part of the treatment. This makes the teen free to eat anything. The choice of food is not an issue at all as long as dental and aligner hygiene will take place after. Placing the aligners back on is also important.

It improves comfort and performance in music or sports

Teens can either be musicians or athletes. Wearing traditional braces can cause cuts and abrasions while playing sports or wind instruments. Teens can remove the Invisalign trays while playing. This will ensure optimal performance and comfort. There will be no issue or obstruction even if the teen chooses to wear the aligners while playing.

It does not involve dental emergencies

Wearing metal brackets and wires often entails dental emergencies. Broken wires, detached brackets, and bleeding are a few of the common dental emergencies in traditional orthodontics. Invisalign does not involve these dental emergencies. There might be some pressure, especially when wearing a new set of aligners. But there will be no other orthodontic issues for the teens.

Invisalign is an ideal teeth-straightening treatment for teens

Considering clear aligners for your teens is a good decision. Teens find it more difficult to wear traditional braces. The negative attention would be too much to bear at this age range. Seeing your dentist about an Invisalign treatment will determine if your teen qualifies for this method.

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