The FAQs for a Waterlase Dentist

Waterlase Dentist Santa Ana, CA

You may have heard a little about a Waterlase dentist, but do you understand what this provider can do for you. It is important that you learn about the benefits that this technique provides. Waterlase offers techniques to help with your oral health in ways that other approaches cannot do. The next time you are ready for a dental appointment, ask your dentist about this option. You can enjoy a more comfortable, effective treatment.

An overview of a Waterlase dentist

Health care providers are no strangers to using lasers in their practices. Lasers are useful in eye surgeries and many other procedures on various parts of the body. In dentistry, dentists have used lasers for teeth whitening for several years. Dentists can also combine lasers with water to do many types of dental procedures.

By using this technique, dentists do not use traditional drills. These tools use heat and pressure to reach areas of the tooth and jaw that need relief or other treatments. Waterlase is less invasive and gentler. The dentist may not even need to use an anesthetic in some cases.

When would a patient want to choose Waterlase?

A Waterlase dentist could be the right approach for common dental treatments. Perhaps the most frequent procedure that a dentist handles is filling cavities. This requires the dentist to drill into the tooth to remove the decay and any infection. With Waterlase, the patient will not have to withstand the vibrations and invasiveness of the dental drill.

Waterlase can also be the method of choice for a root canal. Here, the dentist drills to the pulp portion of the tooth and removes it. The dentist cleans out the tooth and seals it to prevent further bacteria growth. Using a laser can make this process less uncomfortable and shorter.

Why would a patient choose Waterlase?

People who are new to this technique may wonder what advantages a Waterlase dentist has over traditional methods. Aside from being faster, the process often does not require an anesthetic. The use of a laser is also more accurate than using a dental drill. The dentist will not have to remove as much of the tooth in preparation for a crown, for example. There is also less bleeding and swelling with these procedures.

What types of patients should choose Waterlase?

A Waterlase dentist can appeal to patients of all ages. Children can have a good experience with these treatments because they may not need a shot beforehand. Busy adults who want to get in and out of the office quickly may prefer this technique. It is also a good option for patients who have not had success or positive experiences with dental drills.

See and feel the difference

The use of lasers is becoming increasingly more popular in dentistry. Whether for cosmetic or health reasons, a Waterlase dentist could make a lot of sense for patients. If you have a damaged or decayed tooth, talk to your dentist right away. Your provider may recommend Waterlase to treat you.

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