Tips for How to Recover From a Root Canal

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If a tooth has suffered severe decay and filling it is no longer an option, the dentist will likely suggest a root canal. The procedure eliminates the infected materials inside the tooth to save it. If you are scheduled for the procedure, you should find out what is involved, including the recovery process.

Recovery tips after a root canal

The following are helpful tips that can help ensure a successful and hitch-free recovery following a root canal procedure.

Treat the mouth gently

Patients need to pay attention to their mouths and how they feel. Some pain and swelling may be present, but this will go away over time. Yet, planning is necessary. The numbness caused by the anesthesia needs to wear off before trying to eat anything, or there is a risk of biting the tongue.

Placing an ice pack over the area can help reduce swelling. When sleeping, use a pillow to elevate the head and prevent irritation. Meals over the next days after the root canal should be soft and not require much chewing. Options to consider include soups, smoothies, and mashed potatoes. These options will provide the required nutrients as the tooth heals. Smokers are advised to stay off the habit for a couple of days because it tends to slow down the healing progress.

Avoid strenuous activities for a few days

Exercising is important, but patients who have just had a root canal need to be careful. Take it easy over the next few days, and ask the dentist how long before normal activities can resume. Engaging in vigorous activities can cause bleeding and pain. After a few days, one can ease into regular activities slowly and at a relaxed pace until the mouth feels normal again.

Rest is important

It is advisable to take a day or two off after root canal treatment to recover if possible. Rest during recovery is important and will accelerate the healing process. The procedure can leave patients feeling sore and uncomfortable. Get as much sleep as possible for quicker recovery. When using meds for pain relief, it is better to stay at home to avoid or minimize side effects.

Pay attention to the symptoms

Patients need to pay attention to how they feel after returning home from the dental office and in the days after. Any swelling and pain should start to subside within a day or two. However, if the pain persists, it is important to pay attention to it. There could an infection or issues with the root canal. Patients need to contact the dentist if the swelling persists beyond a day or if the medications seem ineffective. Symptoms like rashes and hives are not normal and should be checked immediately. A successful root canal procedure should alleviate pain, not worsen it.

In conclusion

If you are undergoing root canal treatment, keep in mind that the procedure saves your smile and stops the infection. By following the dentist’s aftercare instructions, you can be sure of a hitch-free recovery process. If you have any more questions, reach out to the dental office for answers.

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