What Is an Implant Supported Denture?

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If you have lost several or all your teeth, implant supported dentures could be the right treatment choice. It can be difficult to want to smile if you have large gaps in your mouth. Missing teeth could even affect your self-image and self-esteem. A long-term solution is available to help with your cosmetic and oral health needs.

Options to care for missing teeth

Whether due to an accident, injury or poor oral hygiene, teeth can become damaged or even fall out. Living without teeth not only impacts a person’s smile and facial features, but it can be difficult to eat and speak. For a single missing tooth or a few missing teeth, people often choose dental implants or bridges to fill in the embarrassing spaces. Crowns are another common method when much of the tooth has worn away or if there is excessive structural damage to it. When it comes to replacing a mouthful of teeth, many people turn to implant supported dentures.

Overview of implant supported dentures

While traditional dentures rest on the person’s gums, the implant supported kind attaches to dental implants. The dentures portion is like the traditional variety: they consist of a gum-colored acrylic base and artificial teeth made of plastic. When used with implants, these dentures can either be removable or permanent, depending on the patient’s needs and preferences. The dentures snap into place over the implants.

Process of getting the implants

The dentist will first consult with the patient about the implant supported dentures process. Once the patient is ready to move forward, the dentist takes X-rays and makes impressions of the person’s mouth. A technician makes the dentures to fit into the person’s mouth. Meanwhile, at a subsequent appointment, the dentist will begin putting in the titanium implants.

During the first stage of this procedure, the dentist will open the patient’s gums and place screw-like posts deep into the person’s jaw. There must be sufficient bone in the jaw to support the implants and fuse them to the posts. After a period of healing and bone growth, the patient returns to the dentist’s office. The dentist then opens the gums, exposing the posts and places abutments on them.

Maintaining the dentures

The dentist will place the dentures on the implants to test the fit. After making some adjustments, the patient should be ready to leave and begin using the implant supported dentures. It could take a few weeks for the person to get used to them. If the dentures are removable, the patient should take them out after eating to rinse them off. Daily brushing is critical. The patient should also soak the dentures in a solution overnight.

Another option for repairing your smile

Traditional dentures can be an effective way of replacing missing teeth. Unfortunately, this appliance can slip when you speak and eat. There is no need to worry. Implant supported dentures offer a firm alternative. Using strong implants as a base, the dentures can stay in your mouth and give you the peace of mind you need. Call a cosmetic dentist near you today so you can talk about this treatment.

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