What Options Are Available for a Smile Makeover?

Smile Makeover Santa Ana, CA

Most people are open to getting a smile makeover. The idea of looking better is something to look forward to after this treatment. Functional improvements also come with the package. Several choices are available depending on your dental needs. If you want to find out the options you have for a smile makeover, here are the details.

Gum contouring

This is a simple smile makeover option for restoring the patient’s smile. It uses laser technology to remove excess gum tissue. This involves a quick recovery and instant results. This treatment can go with other procedures like dental crowns or veneers.

Fillers and anti-wrinkle injections

The treatment uses fillers to fill deep lines, folds, and wrinkles to smoothen the face. The dentist will use hyaluronic acid injections to replace the same compound in the skin. The patient will gain a more youthful look after this treatment. The patient can also get anti-wrinkle injections to relax the facial muscles. This will remove and prevent wrinkles. These injections will complement the dental restorations.

Tooth-colored dental fillings

Replacing amalgam fillings with tooth-colored ones is also an effective smile makeover option. This will make those filled teeth almost invisible. The tooth-colored fillings blend well with the neighboring natural teeth. This treatment can make decayed teeth look new.

Porcelain veneers

These are thin porcelain shells that fit in front of the tooth’s surface. Veneers are quick and effective. Each shell can improve the position, color, and shape of teeth. It can restore a cracked or chipped tooth. A custom-fit shell will have a thicker portion to repair the damaged part. Dentition with heavy staining can achieve a whiter shade without using whitening reagents.

This smile makeover option can also remove the small gaps in between teeth. It can also make misaligned teeth look straight. The effects of each porcelain shell are natural and permanent. The dentist will only shave off a small amount of dental tissue. A strong type of adhesive will fix the shells in place.

Teeth whitening

Teeth can discolor because of diet and lifestyle. Staining foods and dark-colored drinks can turn the teeth yellow over time. The same happens with smoking. In-office laser teeth whitening is a quick smile makeover capable of whitening teeth without removing healthy dental structures. The patient can leave the clinic with whiter teeth after about an hour. Patients can also choose to bring home custom-fit trays.

Composite bonding

This smile makeover option involves applying composite resin to restore chipped, stained, and decayed teeth. It can also protect the tooth’s root from exposure because of gum recession. The resin is moldable. A patient with this type of restoration must see the dentist often. This prevents stains on the resin material.

A suitable smile makeover can give you a stunning smile

Circumstances and time tend to change the appearance and structure of teeth. Restoring teeth is possible with the right treatment. Discussing this with your dentist can prepare you for the procedure. The number of dental visits will depend on the smile makeover your dentist recommends.

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