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There are a variety of reasons why patients seek out braces or clear aligners from our dental practice or other orthodontists in the area. While the procedures and treatments are fairly standard from office to office, every patient is unique and you need a dentist who understands the complexities of your individual needs as a whole. Our practice provides all patients with a complete oral exam to ensure your treatment plan is set up for success. The best way to stop serious issues from forming is to catch them in their early stages and develop a treatment plan to restore any issues that may have been caused. It is important for us that you understand what issues there are in orthodontics, and what we can do to help.


An overbite is when a patient's top teeth overlap their bottom teeth. While almost every patient has at least a bit of an overbite (1-3MM), which is normal, there are some patient's who have a more severe overlap. It’s considered an excessive overbite when a patient's top teeth overlap their bottom between 3-9MM, or more.
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Underbites occur when the lower row of teeth significantly overlaps the upper row. This is less common than overbites, however, the issue involves the same chewing complications, speech impediments, and jaw soreness that overbites do. In an underbite, a patient's chin is often pressed forward.
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A crossbite occurs when the upper jaw is too narrow for the lower jaw. When this happens, the upper teeth sit inside the lower teeth. The opposite can also occur where the lower jaw may be too small for the upper jaw. Either way, a crossbite can occur on either on the left or right side of the mouth or on both sides.
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Open Bite

An open bite is when the upper and lower teeth do not touch when the mouth is at rest. This can happen on either side of the mouth but is most common with the front teeth. Open bites are quite rare. One study discovered that they are the least prevalent type of misalignment.
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Crowded Teeth

In an ideal alignment of teeth, there is the right amount of space for the teeth to erupt without crowding or leaving gaps. The top teeth should hang slightly over the bottom teeth, with all the teeth lining up comfortably when biting down, however, this does not occur with dental crowding.
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