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The decision to undergo orthodontic treatment can greatly improve the appearance of your smile, oral health, and self-confidence. For patients with moderate alignment issues, clear aligners clear aligners may be your best bet for a quicker, straighter smile, however, every patient and their needs vary and not every patient is a suitable candidate for clear aligners. For patients with more severe cases, including over and underbites, crooked teeth, or overcrowding, traditional braces are for you. Whether your case is moderate or severe, you can rest assured that our dentist can provide you with the highest level of orthodontic care possible to provide you with a smile you will love.

What Are Clear Aligners?

Uneven or crooked teeth can effect your self-confidence and many patients are apprehensive about undergoing orthodontic treatment due to the noticeable brackets and amount of time needed from start to finish. If you have avoided straightening your teeth until this point, clear aligners may be the right treatment for you. Not only do they offer an inconspicuous solution, they are also more comfortable and can be removed, making eating and cleaning your teeth much easier.

Instead of wearing wires and brackets for the duration of your treatment, you receive sets of clear trays that need to be worn for several weeks at a time.

Once a series of trays is complete, you will wear a new set, specifically designed to progress the movement of your teeth into their proper position. The trays must be worn for 20-to-22-hours each day to keep your treatment on track.

Typically, the average treatment timeline using clear aligners is about one year, however, every patient is unique. If you only need small adjustments, you may only need to wear your trays for a few months. Similar to other orthodontic options, the greatest benefit of clear aligners is the boost in self-confidence. In addition, clear aligners are significantly less noticeable and are more comfortable than traditional braces. They are also completely removable, allowing you to care for your teeth and eat anything you like with ease.

As you are weighing the cost and the convenience of clear aligners, you may wonder if the treatment is ideal for you and your needs. The best way to find out is to schedule a consultation with us. We can answer your questions, address your concerns, and help you understand the benefits of invisible orthodontics.

Our Dental Care Team

Our Dental Care Team

Bright Smile Dental has been a trusted dental care provider in Santa Ana, California since 2008. Our patients throughout Santa Ana, Fountain Valley, Garden Grove, Costa Mesa, Westminster, Midway City, Huntington Beach, Anaheim, and the surrounding area have continued to bring their friends and family to our practice because of our dedication to providing high quality care. Our patients expect the best dental experience, and we accomplish this by combining the latest dental technology with the most effective methods in dentistry.

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